Monday, April 18, 2011

Interesting Question Asked of Me....

I recently wrote a blog about laser hair removal and how it relates to the practice of medicine.  I received feedback about  this blog and I was asked..."if laser hair removal is not the practice of medicine, is laser (and light based) tattoo removal the practice of medicne".

This actually has the same answer...light based tattoo removal is not the diagnosis or treatment of a medical ciondition, so it is not the practice of medicine.  However, the light sources utilized ARE medical devices and they are federally classified.  Tattoo removal can be achieved with lasers or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) sources.   A laser is a Class IIIb or Class IV medical device and must be owned and operated by a physician (procedures may be delegated to non - physician employees. An IPL is a Class II device and should be utilized by a physician or an appopriate employee of the physician.

Many states have regulations that can expand or limit the use of these devices.  It must be noted that whenever state and federal laws address the same issue, the stricter of the two will prevail.  Seek th eguidance of a health care lawyer whi is well versed in this issue...admittedly we are rare!

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