Monday, December 31, 2012

Every Medical Spa Professional Needs to Have a Marketing System

Everyone has a system...professional gamblers have a system...anyone directly in sales has a system that they must follow. However, most medical spa professionals do not have an organized, structured system. I have developed what has been working exceptionally well for me. I designate 1-2 hours each day on SEO and networking. I refer to this as "BLETWORKING" because it involves my blogs. Many people advocate doing this first thing in the morning. MY sustem is that I do this late at night because this is peaceful time. The phone is not ringing; the TV is not blarring; I put on my favorite music and away I go. I will state at this point that I do the blogging myself. Many delegate this to a trusted employee but I feel that it must come from me. I do delgate posting the blogs to other websites and social neworking sites to staff members. Here is the system: 1. First, I write a blog and upload it to Blogger. I then copy and paste the blog onto my Google + account and also my wordpress blog. This enhances my exposure and takes little time. 2. Then I share the blog on LinkedIn, my FaceBook business page, Twitter and Google + and my Wordpress account 3. Next, I upload the blogs into multiple Twitter accounts that are specific to certain areas of the medical spa industry - Twitter accounts designated for medical spa lawyer (@medispalawyer), med spa attorney(@medspaattorey) , health lawyer (@healthcareEsq) and (@healthlawyer2) and medical spa consultant (@medicalspaconsu) 4. Then I add them to Tweet Adder and allow the automated system to tweet the blog throughout the day from all three sites (Google +, Blogger and Wordpress). This entire process takes 1-2 hours only and I can do these things at my convenience. This process has become my #1 method for obtaining new clients in all of the categoties listed above!!
Paddy Deighan, J.D. Ph.D

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It Must Be Christmas: A Rare Example of the Parties Working Together

I do a lot of work with Russia and Ukraine...even real estate work, but mostly scientific and business projects. I work with some senior members of Vladimir Putin's cabinet. It is always interesting to hear their impression of events that happen here. However, I discovered a Congressional House bill that was passed by House and then the Senate and signed by President Obama this month. The House authored the bill and the Senate made few changes and Obama made no changes. Yes, Veronika, there is a Santa Claus after all. The parties can work together. It was refered to as the Magnitsky bill. It was named after a Russian lawyer who exposed widespread corruption in Russian business. He was jailed and then mysteriously perished just prior to his release from prison because he was not brought to trial within one year as required by Russian law. The bill mandated that those responsible for the human rights atrocities that were committed against Magnitsky woud be denied access to the USA and they could no longer do business with the USA. The bill was opposed by Russian authorities. However, the bill effectively repealed the Jackson- Vanek amendment which affected trade with non economic market countries (i.e. Eastern Blcok countries). Jackson-Vanek was signed in 1974 during the height of trade relations difficulties with the former Soviet Union. The new bill normalizes business relations with Russia, Moldova and other former Eastern block countries so it appears to be a good thing....but more importantly, it indicates that the parties are capable of working together. It would be truly a Christmas dream for the press to write stories like this once in awhile....
Sergei Magnitsky Paddy Deighan J.D. Ph.D

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Healthy Way to Enjoy the Flavors of Christmas

Many of us that maintain a healthy lifestyle are left with either indulging in the decadent tastes of the Christmas season, or felling left out because there are no healthy alternatives. That has changed!! Well, there is one way that I have found that really helps. Celestial Seasons makes a variety of Christmas cookie teas. They not only taste like the cookies they mimic, but they smell like them too!! The whole house can smell like Christmas sugar cookies by brewing this tea: Celestial Seasons Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea . There are many great flavors such as ginger bread and candy cane too. If Starbucks is more to your liking then try Starbucks Christmas Blends So, if you are trying to watch your calories but you want to enjoy the flavors of Christmas, these teas are the ticket. Disclaimer: This is not a paid endorsement for Celestial Seasons LOL
Paddy Deighan J.D. Ph.D

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bank of America and Wells Fargo Weigh in on Housing Recovery

There are many “experts” that weigh in on the housing market recovery. All purport to be “experts” and their opinions are always based on recognized economic theory. Yet, the experts can never agree on the status of the housing market. My personal view is the fundamentals for recovery are very poor: too many homes with negative equity, high unemployment, huge shadow inventory, and tight lending. I do not see any scenario in which these factors support any semblance of a housing recovery. However, it is interesting to note the opinions of Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Both banks recently released statements describing how they “feel” about the state of the housing market. Their take on the situation is interesting. Wells Fargo optimistically announced that of all the economic sectors out there, housing remained “essentially unshaken” despite fiscal cliff worries. No word on whether or not that “unshaken” aspect was due to the fact housing is pretty near bottom in most areas of the country. The bank also noted that it felt reasonably good about housing because the Fed “appears to be banking on a housing recovery.” Wells Fargo may well also feel good about housing because it owns the lion’s share of mortgages in the country right now. The bank predicted that property would start appreciating slowly (“between 2.5 and three percent per year”) starting in 2013. Bank of America’s CEO Brian Moynihan was not quite so certain about the state of the market. He warned that not only might it be possible that homeownership is not actually for everyone, but that conventional lending might actually be hurting the market rather than helping. Moynihan pointed out that household income volatility has risen 30 percent since the 1970’s, adding that “a 30-year mortgage does not provide flexibility in some cases” and speculating that homeownership might not be a good option for many Americans at this time. He also said that there “is no practical alternative to government participation [in the housing market] at this time,” adding that a federal exit is probably “a decade or two in transition” if it happens at all. Paddy Deighan J.D. Ph.D

Another SEO and Marketing Expertise Opportunity from Zintro!!

I know that we are inundated on a daily basis with SEO opportunities and opportunities to market our particular area of expertise. It is difficult to know which ones are out best options. Today, I discovered one that looks promising and it is early enough to get a strategic opportunity with them. The opportunity is from . It only took a few moments to complete a profile. An hour after I enrolled, I received a message on LinkedIn . The referral was from a very good contact with an immediate need for services that I render. The agent that contacted me was very relieved and I was obviously happy too. So it seems that Zintro is a worthy new option for many of us. I suppose in these days of multi-level marketing and skepticism, I should disclose that I do not receive anything for mentioning them!! LOL I do not receive bonus points, coupons for a free oven mitt or even a personalized eyeglass case from a referral to them!! One of the things that I liked about the website is that there are unlimited opportunities to describe your area of expertise to maximize your exposure. You can literally fill in the fields with anything that you want and that enables you to focus upon a geographical area for example. Many opportunities such as this try and push you into pre-defined categories via a drop down menu. Zintro must have decent SEO opportunity – at least with LinkedIn because I received the referral within an hour of uploading my profile. It is a goal for many of us to optimize our time spent on SEO, Social networking and online marketing. It may make sense to give Zintro a try. I already received a great referral and I hope that you do too!! Good luck, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Paddy Deighan J.D. Ph.D