Monday, December 31, 2012

Every Medical Spa Professional Needs to Have a Marketing System

Everyone has a system...professional gamblers have a system...anyone directly in sales has a system that they must follow. However, most medical spa professionals do not have an organized, structured system. I have developed what has been working exceptionally well for me. I designate 1-2 hours each day on SEO and networking. I refer to this as "BLETWORKING" because it involves my blogs. Many people advocate doing this first thing in the morning. MY sustem is that I do this late at night because this is peaceful time. The phone is not ringing; the TV is not blarring; I put on my favorite music and away I go. I will state at this point that I do the blogging myself. Many delegate this to a trusted employee but I feel that it must come from me. I do delgate posting the blogs to other websites and social neworking sites to staff members. Here is the system: 1. First, I write a blog and upload it to Blogger. I then copy and paste the blog onto my Google + account and also my wordpress blog. This enhances my exposure and takes little time. 2. Then I share the blog on LinkedIn, my FaceBook business page, Twitter and Google + and my Wordpress account 3. Next, I upload the blogs into multiple Twitter accounts that are specific to certain areas of the medical spa industry - Twitter accounts designated for medical spa lawyer (@medispalawyer), med spa attorney(@medspaattorey) , health lawyer (@healthcareEsq) and (@healthlawyer2) and medical spa consultant (@medicalspaconsu) 4. Then I add them to Tweet Adder and allow the automated system to tweet the blog throughout the day from all three sites (Google +, Blogger and Wordpress). This entire process takes 1-2 hours only and I can do these things at my convenience. This process has become my #1 method for obtaining new clients in all of the categoties listed above!!
Paddy Deighan, J.D. Ph.D

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