Friday, July 22, 2011

Stem Cell Applications: Fact or Fiction

Since I am also a scientist involved in stem cell and DNA applications, many people ask me for guidance on these subjects. There are already many stem cell treatments and applications. There are many valuable treatments with stem cells. There are SOME topical stem cell products that have promise and value. One such product is SCM Forte Many others are hype such as those that are "phyto" based. Folks, "phyto" is plant derived stem cells and there is less than ZERO evidence that these are efficacious in humans. These are shameless attempts to cash in on a trend.

There are many treatments in which stem cells have a lot of promise. There are over 220 applications for stem cells in the human genome. There are three basic ways in which stem cells are introduced to humans: oral capsules, injection intra muscular and injection at point of need/trauma. There are also multiple forms of stems cells - too many to list and the answer to which treatment is best depends upon what you are treating, how the cells were extracted and amplified and the source of the stem cells.

There is a lot of unfounded hype about treatments. I travel frequently and I can tell you that in other countries, people are paying bookoo bucks for worthless treatments. Most of the cells are worthless or not efficacious in the human genome. They also may not have been extracted properly or amplified in a lab properly. There are also many companies and medical practices that are unabashedly thumbing their noses at the FDA as they promote useless treatments and make totally unsubstantiated claims.

There is no question that stem cells will be the next wave of medical breakthrough. The do work and can literally repair anything in the human genome. However, the challenge will be to separate fact from fiction. If you are thinking of incorporating stem cell products or treatments into your center, call me and review the science.


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