Saturday, March 19, 2011

Advice for Establishing a Medical Spa

It seems that a day does not pass before I am asked "Can I do this" or Can I do that" in my medical spa.  Everyone is seeing the answer to various medical/legal/business issues in a medical spa facility.  As you can imagine, it is often not easy to answer a question because it depends upon other variables and issues.  In 2005, I began to quantify the issues surrounding a true "medical spa".  A medical spa, to me, means that either medical services are performed in a spa setting, or a facility is a combination of medical services ans salon or spa services.

In 2005, I counted 126 variables that could determine the viability of a medical spa business plan.  There are more today. I developed a regression analysis as a toll to provide insight into the legal supportability of business plans. I still use this same analysis today.  No one can provide a simplistic answer in this heavily regulated industry.  There are countless "experts" who magically purported to have all of the answers.  It seems that every day, I am "fixing" a solution that such experts provided for a client.

I also caution medical spa owners and managers to beware of equipment suppliers that provide consulting services as part of the sale.  They have a vested interest in the outcome. This seldom leads to objective and thorough guidance.  For years, I heard of a letter from a legal department regarding the use of aesthetic lasers.  I have yet to find "the guy" that wrote "the letter". LOL  I have often stated that a laser company would sell a laser to my dog Stoli if he could pony up the money!!

Seek counsel from someone that has no financial gain if you move will be happy that you did!!

Paddy Deighan

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