Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disturbing Trend in the Medical Spa Environment

Many medical spas are turning to various medical, quasi medical and even non-medical personnel in the delivery of medical spa services.  Some of the activities are legally supportable but most are not.

One disturbing trend is the use of non physician injectors.  I categorize this in three ways: Botox Cosmetic; fillers and sclerotherapy.  Botox Cosmetic is a drug and available only by prescription. The manufacturer, Allergan, allows physicians to dispense it in their offices. Contrary to popular belief, it is not directly available to non-physicians, including nurses.  Fillers, are not prescription per se, but they are actually medical devices and as such they are delivered pursuant to the practice of medicine and state and federal guidelines limit the  use and application of these products. These include Hylaform, Restylane and others.

Sclerotherpay is the injection of sclerosing material (saline and others) into a blood vessel to thrombose the vessel and destroy its ability to carry blood and produce unsightly leg veins.  Many states allow Certified medical Assistants to issue injections. Historically, this was for vaccines and such.  Doctors offices could not handle the influx of flu vaccines in the '60's, '70's and '80's so states created this exception to medical practice rules.  recently, many medial assistants wrongfully asserted that they are allowed to inject and have been injecting Botox Cosmetic, fillers and performing vein treatments. This is NOT legally supportable!!

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